About Us

Amantha Yacht Sales and Management was founded in 2012 by Niles Pearsall. At an early age Niles realized that although the birth of his two children were extremely joyous occasions in his life the happiest two days were the day he sold his trawler and the day he acquired his Amantha. This concept led him to the idea that he wanted to assist others on their possibly two happiest days ever; selling a boat as well as buying one. Therefore, he became a yacht broker and learned all he could about yachts and how to tell what kind of shape they were in. Later in life he created a small charter company and he sailed the Amantha around the Caribbean islands. The Amantha is a 36 foot Crocker with an all wood hull. After the Amantha was damaged on the hard in a boat yard incident. Niles spent a year restoring her and found his passion of providing high quality service, maintenance and management to yachts. He wanted to provide boat owners with a higher quality of supervision to minimize accidents and mishaps; thus maintaining the vessels in the best shape possible. He combined his love of assisting others on their happiest of days and his passion for high quality boat maintenance and established Amantha Yacht Sales and Management L.L.C. to help others in the pursuit of yacht buying, selling as well as upkeep.